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A special way to welcome new colleague

Time: 2016-03-18

This Wednesday a new colleague join in our family, Blueprint Umbrella.His name is Jerry, a handsome man, from Huizhou city.
To welcome the new one, we prepare a game to welcome him, we call the game trust fell. Here is the rule:Jerry must fall down to the cushion made by other member's arms from an estrade 1.4 meters high.
Our aim is let every one to build trust in the team and help to understand the importance and strength of trust and commitment.
Understand 's mentality in organization transforming the fear brought by uncertainty, encourage them to face the challenge and strengthen their belief to the vision.
Understand how to build up trust in organization.
Jerry is so good, he fell without hesitate, and we protect him.



This is our team, we go toward together, our common aim is "where there is people, there is blueprint umbrella".