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A successful story with Toyota client

Time: 2016-03-18

A successful story with Toyota client
date :30th November ,2014


One day I looked for client on Alibaba RFQ,I offered a promotional golf umbrella price for Australia client .This client also looked for a promotional giveaway gift for Toyota car .we got the contact way each other ,then used the email keep posted .


we had met each other in Guangzhou ,China 4th November ,2014.My boss with me took new sample and other famous car brand promotional umbrella for he reference.He saw the Toyota umbrella sample was very happy.We talked about one hour for the detail of this umbrella.Then came back to my office to tidied the detail for the quotation sent to my client.



This is first time sample


And I asked he a question:
"Why you choose our factory to do the sample for you?As you know ,on Alibaba you can got many people to offer the price for you.However ,finally you choose our factory.Why? I got you send to us the sample picture design ,that you seek from another company ,but why you not choose this company to do this sample for you ?"


He gave me the answer that "The other company did not reply to me and there were too pushy.I have had a good communication with you,and do not want to waste time."


I can from him words to got some experience that when we offer price on Alibaba RFQ we need to imporve our service and work efficiency very important!


we transaction sucessful on January 2015,he pay he full amount of this order .I so glad he can very trust us company.Of couse ,I will pay highly attention this order progress.Let my client believe our factory is the best factory.



This is finally sample ,the client place an order for this to promotional umbrella !


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