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A Tour, A Gain

Time: 2016-03-18

Blueprint Umbrella Co.,Limited came the first group activity last Saturday. Common Says: Go Journey if you want to clean your soul and Journey can teach you more.
Wutong Mountain, as shenzhen highest mountain, attracts large members of tourists and people regard they can get the confidence after conquering it and succeeding in climbing the top of the mountain.
At that day, everything seemed like peaceful and wonderful, we gathered in the early morning then forwarded to Wutong Mountain. Everyone is happy and I am lucky I got on the empty bus so that I have more space to let my spirits wander. After two hours, we arrived at the bottom of mountain and started our journey.
Wutong Mountain is beyong my imagination, the fact is it has not much cliffs but stairs. We are divided into 2 groups because we can take good care of each other and approach to the goal. We climbed from the foot of the mountain and the road is not so steep so we can speed up our steps. It is more and more difficult to climb when we forward it further. Haohanpo is the first place where we gathered, because of the guide and aim, we do not give up, unite together and overcome the actual danger and inner fear. When all members reached to Haohanpo, we eat and drink and played games to relax. Afterwards, we continued to climb because the top of mountain is within sight we can not stop standing on the top and show off our success. The last journey was a little difficult and it takes us one hour. We took photos to memory the historical moment. After a short stay, we march forward the bottom of mountain. We spend less time compared with the one we climbed from the botton probably because we take the short cut and the sense of achievement. Another 2hours is our last stay on Wutong Mountain. We gathered again when we arrived at the bottom of mountain and went to dinner, took a foot bath. It is late night when we came back then we can took a good sleep.
The experience teaches us more, such as The Importance Of Teams, Never Give Up, The Back Of Difficulty Is Probably Success, To Be Vigilant In Peace Time. In a word, the tour is memorable and worthy.