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Our history

A girl graduated from Yangtze UniversityJuly,2005,her aim was to be a salespeople and scrabbled around for job by 1month,she became a sales in an umbrella factory.In order to be a experienced sales,she worked hard to learn about the foreign trade and umbrellas even her major is computer in college.
She met her Bole after 1 year.After devoting to a big project of coca cola,Isabel Lozada and Paula who come from Mexico found the girl is dedicated and responsible.The Girl accpeted their invitation to be a representative in charge of purchasing,quality controling,arranging shipment etc.during the period,she knowed lots of different suppliers of umbrellas and found herself love umbrellas day by day.She seted up the Blueprint Umbrella company and focus on high quality umbrellas.Therefore she started internet trade,specially on alibaba.

She met her the second important customer Vladimir from Russia who came china 3times and make sure she can make high quaity umbrellas.after the first time and small test order,they did cooperate until now.she improved the quality based on Vladimir's feedback.

The Girl named Lorraine who found Blueprint Umbrella company and she had been leading the team to realize Where there are people,where there is Blueprint Umbrella!


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