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Advertising Umbrella

Time: 2016-03-18

Advertising umbrella is charactered with mobility, rich color, good visual effects, no restrict to graphic design, durablity, and acceptable price for publicity price. With its unparalleled advantages, advertising umbrella has been a tool of publicity for corporates .


1, High mobility: where there is umbrella, there is logo for advertisement;


2, Attractive in price and quality: fast production with low cost for advertisement and easy to get good impression from users;


3, Practical: it will be used when it irains or sunshine. It is a common daily use product for men women as well as the old;


4, Long efficiency for advertisement: it is a durable product, so it advertises for a long time;


Blueprint umbrella factory focus on umbrella for six years old,advertising umbrellas,gift umbrella,promotional umbrellas,3folding umbrella with auto open and close,fiberglass stick umbrellas,fiberglass golf umbrella are our main products.