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African create community in GuangZhou

Time: 2016-03-18

As we know, Guangzhou is the window through which the south establishes economic relationship with the oversea countries. But recent years, Guangzhou not only treasures the economic relation with developed countries and developing countries ,but also pay attention to undeveloped countries, such as African countries -Madagascar ,Nigeria and so on .As it is reported recently , there has been a steady inflow of Africans in Guangzhou. Many of them settle down in the Dengfeng area, forming an African community.



A Congolese boy poses for photos with his soccer teammates in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, Oct 13, 2013.It shows his happy life in Guangzhou .
Blueprint umbrella co.,ltd is a manufacturer of umbrellas located in Huizhou Guangdong province. We also see the grand world through the window .our target market is the worldwide, we hope our umbrellas can turn up everywhere. SO, we tried to develop the market in undeveloped countries and we win some clients there. We believe that there is no boundary in economic development.
"where is people ,where is blueprint umbrella ",we know we can know more and get more through this window of economy –Guangzhou .