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An Impressive Cooperation With Customer From Switzerland

Time: 2016-03-18

Many Salesmen regard the successful order comes from large customers, but one question is that it would be more complicated and troublesome from the beginning to the end of the order.As a Sales of Blueprint Umbrella Factory which major china factory direct exporter of bulk umbrellas to worldwide.Our main products are rain umbrellas,good quality umbrellas,advertising umbrellas,folding umbrellas,golf umbrellas,kids umbrellas,promotion umbrellas,color change umbrellas,offset umbrella.
During the past 5 months, I have succeeded in dealing with 5 orders, all orders are for small quantity, but the process is relatively complex except for the order from Switzerland customer. It is impressive and successful in my views, although it lasts nearly four months. I share this experience with you to thank customer's supporting and help you to know how to follow up customers.
The first time that we connected was on July 9th, I logined my email as usual and found the offer from Switzerland customer, the offer is very simple but detailed, so I thought the customer must be in the need of umbrellas. But I noticed the quantity, not much, just for 400pcs 5 folding glasses umbrellas, customer requested it is for promotional purpose and it should be customized. I studied customer's requests carefully and quoted him soon. Actually, 400pcs can not reach to our MOQ, but I fight for it finally our company accept the quantity. The second day I received customer's response and he asked for one sample, I was so excited and sent PI to customers immediately, the customer was also very dedicated and responded to me soon and sent me bank receipt, during the next several days, on one side we were busying with the sample, on another side, I chatted with customers about his business and country, he told me he was just for small business and he was entering the umbrella market for a new try. Of course, I also introduced some other umbrellas to him and confirmed all details about the logo and handle during this period. The sample was finished and shipped in 8days. We still kept in touch from time to time. But the customer did not answered me after he received the sample on the date of July 22nd. I thought the customer just asked for a collection of samples or use by himself, but I would insist on sending emails every three days, suddenly, I received customer's email on the date of August 4th, customer explained why he did not contact me early and he showed much interest and favor of this sample, just the logo design is a little distorted, customer said he would send me the Vector Graphic, I waited for it all the time, but no any updates reached to me until two weeks later. When customer told he decided to place the order, I was inspired and set about making the quotation and PI. But another question occurred, because MOQ for the glasses box is 1200pcs, I explained and asked whether customer can add their purchasing quantity, but customer said 1200pcs was too much, 400pcs was enough for him and we made the agreement about the quantity of 400pcs at the beginning. On the next two weeks, we were trying to find proper solution finally customer accepted 400pcs umbrellas and 1200pcs glasses box. On the date of September 3th, customer did the 30% deposit. Until the October 20th, we finished the bulk production, during this period, customer did not urge us to produce the umbrellas on time. Finally, we did not catch the lead time but customer did not blame, he showed the understanding on the contrary. In consideration of the freight charges, customer suggested we just shipped 500pcs glasses box and the rest shipped him when he placed the next order, another 7 days past, customer paid the balance by twice. We received all the payment on August 31st then we shipped all the umbrellas. On November 11th, customer gave me feedback and said he liked the umbrellas and hoped we can give the invoice. After that day I sent invoice, we did not connected until now.
This experience teaches us that we should emphasize all customers, no matter the order is small or large, complex or simple, do not give up any one chance, solve customer's every questions with efforts, keep in touch with customers frequently.



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