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Basic Knowledge Of Umbrellas

Time: 2016-03-18

Some basic knowledge of Umbrellas:


Hydrostatic Pressure Test 流体静(压)力测试


plastic / clarity plastic / clarity plastic seeper case / plastic in silver / animal figure plastic / plastic flashlight 闪光灯/ wooden / animal figure wooden / latex / rubber with white stripe / EVA soft /straight / curved handle /aluminium curved handle /clamp handle / rattan curved handle 藤条弯把/ plastic oblate handle flat push-in ferrule in silver 扁圆手把带有金属环/


hexagon chromeplated metal shaft & zincification ribs + self tips
hexagon chromeplated metal shft & aluminium fluted ribs +white FRP + metal tips
hexagon chromeplated metal shaft & nickel-plate ribs +metal tips
hexagon chromeplated metal shaft & black ribs
chromeplated metal shaft & zincification fluted / round ribs + self tips
chromeplated metal shaft & nickel-plate ribs + self tips
chromeplated metal shaft & reverse nickel-plate frame & self tips
chromeplated metal shaft & zinc fluted ribs +safety runner 安全式
chrometplated steel shaft & steel ribs in white /alloy metal cap
chrometplated metal shaft & white FRP ribs
chrometplated metal shaft & aluminium fluted ribs & white FRP + metal tips
aluminium shaft a& aluminium fluted / round ribs +white FRP
aluminium shaft & black metal fluted ribs
aluminium shaft & metal fluted ribs
titanium-aluminium shaft & fluted ribs +white FRP
FRP shaft & ribs
Black metal shaft & fluted ribs
Black metal shaft & ribs
Wooden shaft & black fluted ribs
Wooden shaft & black plastic point / zincification fluted ribs
White powder coated metal shaft & ribs
Metal shaft + red plastic point & fluted ribs
Gilt aluminium shaft with scrimshaw artwork & nickel-plated fluted ribs 镀金铝中棒
Gilt aluminium shaft & gilt metal fluted ribs


190T nylon printed / solid / solid nylon fabric in silver / lattice / full printed chromatic stripe fabric
190T nylon fabric canopy with piping 烫花on the dege of the panels & tie strap
190T white nylon fabric pouch+purfle