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be worthy of praise,a guard against theft umbrella

Time: 2016-03-18

If you go out to meet it rains, it entered the restaurant and other indoor places always put the umbrella in the umbrella stand at the door, although doing so is to ensure that the interior is clean and dry, but not the quality of these days too many people engage in bad pilfering by others, it is a wonder.Now you don't need worry about that.
But now without the tangle friends. The concept is from Korean designer Kim Seokhui, Kim Seongjin, called Lizard Umbrella. This was also successful in 2012 won the Red Dot Design Award! Creativity seems to come from lizard tails will survive at the critical moment, the preservation of life habits and design a guard against theft umbrella.



It is reported that this umbrella is playing a removable structure, so users only need to press the unlock button located on the handle, you can remove the umbrella of the individual, but also to create the illusion of an umbrella already rotten. So that others will be able to reduce by pilfering. After all, who would want to steal an umbrella without handle it?