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Carbon Golf Umbrella

Time: 2016-03-18

Golf umbrella is developing all the time to meet customers various requirements. After golf umbrella developed from manual open to automatic, from metal material to wood and fiberglass, now it meets another challenge to change. It is the weight.



The weight of common golf umbrlela is about 640g. For some clients, it is a little heavy. They prefer something easy carry. Now it is not a plight anymore. There is a new type golf umbrella of light weight that our umbrella factory can make.



It is Carbon golf umbrella. The material of umbrella frame is carbon, carbon shaft, carbon frame, carbon handle. The features of carbon material is light weight and high grade.



Custom logo is also acceptable for the carbon golf umbrella. The MOQ of it is 100pcs. If any interest in it. Our umbrella factory is ready to help.