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China to further friendly relations with neighboring countries

Time: 2016-03-18

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said here that China would strive for a sound neighboring environment for its own development and seek common development with neighboring countries.
At a conference in the capital on diplomatic work, Xi stressed the necessity of good diplomatic work in neighboring countries to realize the "centenary goals
CPC leadership in previous generations attached high importance to diplomacy with neighboring countries, raising important issues and guiding policy, opening up a generally sound environment, laying the foundation for diplomatic work, Xi said at the conference.
On the basis of ensuring continuity and stability in China's foreign policy, the CPC Central Committee actively plans and manages China's diplomacy, and carried out a series of major diplomatic activities after the 18th CPC National Conference, with particular attention to neighboring countries.
With respect to geography, the environment and intertwined relations, Xi said the neighboring region has major strategic significance. Dealing with neighboring countries "should have a three-dimensional, multi-element perspective, beyond time and space.
"he situation requires us to keep pace with the times and be more active in blueprinting diplomatic strategy and undertaking diplomatic work," he said.
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