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Color Change Umbrella of Famous Mexican Painter

Time: 2016-03-18

Today i wanna to share a real story of the umbrella order from famous Mexican painter Ana. In my story, there are three stage, the begining, the problem we met, and Successful cooperation.
The begining
Ana found us blueprint umbrella manufactory on Made in china, when i first saw her design, i felt it is so amazing, it is not a umbrella but a picture. I have begun to imagine when the pattern on the umbrella, how beautiful it will be! So i were determined to get this order, i wished the color change umbrella can be produced in our factory. When we first talked, i didn't know she is a painter, i only feeling is that she is a genius until i found a website on a file she sent me. In our further communication, she also taled about she is a painter and she wanna to custom a color change umbrella for her exhibition During in our communicate, there is a problem, that is time, because There is a time difference between us, and she is so busy, so sometimes i communicated with her at deep night, go with the flow, she placed me the sample order.



The problem we met
When prodcing the color change umbrella, i made a low-level mistake, that is i forgot give the all file to the printing factory, cause the umbrella missed the dark line. I took picture to Ana and explained to her, but i know she is a artist who is very strict with herself. The result was taht she can't accept the sample, this is no surprise, because i also didn't like the sample.To made the sample again, i need to undertake the duty, so i paid the money to the printing factory to remake a new sample, finally, Ana accepted the second sample and we shiped them to her. Follow is the picture of the first time sample and the second time.



Successful cooperation
After the sample comfirmation, Ana placed me the order. After two month of communication, i got this order, in the order, i got not achievement,but growth. This is the biggest harvest, i appreciated all the problem i met, i appreciated all the mistake i made, suffer more gain more.
Contact person:Terry