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Do you want to custom your brand umbrellas ?

Time: 2017-12-27

Blueprint umbrella company , has own umbrellas factory , for 7 years ,only focus on umbrellas, the quality and price surely competitive .

If you want to producing brand umbrellas , we can help you to express your own brand logo and design .

1 : Can custom your own logo or design on the umbrellas fabric ,sleeve ,strap .

2 : Can custom the label with logo on the umbrellas sleeve .

3 : Can custom the Tag with logo and Umbrella introduction .
4 :Can custom the logo on the umbrellas handle .

5 : If your need special ribs or handle ,can do special mode for umbrellas materials , make you umbrellas Different with ordinary types .

If you want to order custom brand umbrellas please contact us at any time .