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How to buy a suits umbrellas ?

Time: 2017-11-20

For umbrellas , every one used it usually ,umbrellas is a important products in our daily life .


When you buy umbrellas you can meet so much types umbrellas ,but how to choose good quality umbrellas , this is a question .


As an umbrellas seller ,Let me share some experience :


First , for women and girls :you need to hold the umbrellas by hand , aluminum materials umbrellas is super lighter and not easy to rust than metal materials .


Second ,You need to see the ribs or the umbrellas , metal ribs will be rust when you use umbrella on the raining day a long time , metal ribs easy to break when meet strong wind ,  choose fiberglass ribs umbrellas , windproof .


Third , About the umbrellas fabric ,waterproof is more important to us , you can test the fabric in different raining days , Teflon coated umbrellas fabric will be more windproof .


Finally if you need umbrellas easy to carry , you can choose fold umbrellas , fold umbrellas has mini size can put on the bags ,if you want to buy an umbrellas put on the home , you can choose fiberglass golf umbrellas , big size and super windproof will be better .


Hope every one can order good quality and more convenient umbrellas .