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How to maintain an umbrella

Time: 2018-01-09

n the rainy day we will use the umbrella, the more common problem is scattered for a long time found to be leaking, or the line connecting the ribs will be broken, it is annoying, so maintenance umbrella is really important. Here to introduce how to maintain the umbrella.

  1. If the umbrella is close, a little two turns to be able to shake the water above it, then bring it into the room is very convenient, so the waterproof umbrellais the best choice, waterproofing does not mean not leaking, but refers to the water droplets easily removed.TheTeflon umbrella is the best choice,cause this type umbrella fabric is very waterproof.
  1. After we used the umbrella, the umbrella stay open in the empty place, so that the top of the water evaporation, drip clean.
  1. After the water is dry, it can be coated with grease on the umbrella shaft to prevent its rusting.
  1. And then fold the umbrella.


Place the umbrella in a cool, dry place to prevent it from rusting.