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How to make the old umbrella become treasure

Time: 2017-11-27

Even the most experience umbrella , if the ribs broken , it is become useless.

Today teach you how to turn the old umbrella become treasure , very practical!

1.Shopping bags.

The material of the umbrella is very special. It can not only waterproof, but also can UV protection . It can be used to make shopping bags, and it is hard to wear.


(1)Take down the umbrella and spread it out.

(2)Then fold the umbrella cloth in half and cut along the dotted line.

(3)Then sew two straps, turn over and back , unique, beautiful and stylish.

2.Become hook.

The umbrella crook is actually a very practical , like this hooks on the wall, and it's appropriate to wear a hat.

3.Lamp shade
After the umbrella is broken, the umbrella cover can be used as a lampshade.