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How to use RFQ?

Time: 2016-03-18

On the morning of Sep.26th, I took part in the meeting in Longgang District, Shenzhen City. The meeting is to discuss how to use RFQ effectively. The participants of the meeting are from various trading companies.


Currently, our company, Blueprint Umbrella Co., Ltd, doesn't pay much attention to RFQ, considering the much difficulty in getting an order of umbrellas from RFQ. What we are mainly doing is to deal with inquiries from customers passively. Apparently, as salespersons we need to do more initially. We need to promote our umbrellas positively. Some representatives in the meeting shared their experience in dealing with RFQ. Most of them are trying to reply RFQ. And some of them have achieved orders from RFQ. That is to say RFQ provide us with an opportunity. No matter how small it is, we should seize it after all.


Then how to develop an RFQ effectively?


Firstly, what are the customers' demands must be well understood. After a customer issue an PFQ, he may want to purchase golf umbrella or 23'' straight umbrella. We need to analyze the specifications of the umbrellas the customer provide and decide to quote the right umbrella. A clear understand of the customers purpose yields more productive work.


Secondly, decide on the criteria used in the evaluation process to determine whether your quotation is valid .In that way, we can reduce problems related to the evaluation procedures, which is damaging to the project.


Thirdly, we must be aware that there is demand if a customer issues an RFQ. Therefore we should not weigh lightly upon any RFQs. An RFQ OF demand of 10 pcs umbrella should also be noted.


Fourthly, reply RFQ as many as possible. The more RFQ we reply, the bigger the opportunity will be.