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How to use umbrella correctly

Time: 2017-12-28

sually an umbrella is consists of 40-50 parts or more, so the proper use of umbrellas can extend the life of your umbrella.

(1) Do not violently open an umbrella suddenly when it rains (especially automatic umbrella), you should loose restrained umbrella strap, then ready well to open umbrella, otherwise, the umbrella easily broken.

(2) The method of holding the umbrella is to put the umbrella on the shoulder, do not rotate, because the centrifugal force for the rotation will makes the umbrella easy to damage.

(3) Do not wield umbrellas and use umbrellas as canes or golf club sticks, that will posing a danger to others.

(4) Hand cream will cause the handle to decolor, do not use - this is not good for the beauty of the woman.


  • Do not violently wavethe water on the canopy  after using umbrella, only lightly shake off the water attached to the umbrella


  • When foldingthe umbrella, gently wind up the umbrella cloth so that avoid damage the waterproof coating on the surface of the umbrell

(7) Do not place the umbrella in the compartment seats where the sun can be exposure, because the frame will be deformed after bask in the sun.

(8) Dry the umbrella every time you use it, because the water will make the umbrella rust soon.