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Invitation for Italian Customers in September, 2014

Time: 2016-03-18

Invitation for Italian Customers in September, 2014


As a factory, which business of more than 95 percent depends on foreign market, how to deal with customers shows much importance.


Commonly, emails and phones become the main tools in foreign trade, although its advantages is very obvious, but it still presents the shortcoming. It would take much more time to finish a deal. So how to invite customers to visit factory is an urgent mission.


When clients intend to visit your factory, success is closer to you; when customer decide to visit your factory, you just need to prepare for everything and wait for client's coming. On one hand, it shows that customers are really interested in your factory; On the other hand, Customers can know more about your factory, your strength, your teams and staffs, which helps customers get confort.


Blueprint Umbrella devote to inviting more customers to visit factory, let customers have the reassuring and pleased purchasing experience. So when the italian customers ask for help, we do our best to provide the invitation for them. Please refer to the below:



In a word, if possible, where there is footprint, there is blueprint. Welcome any customers to visit our factory.