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Is my umbrella a kind of FMCG

Time: 2017-12-21

Several months ago, i bought an umbrella from local store several weeks ago, i bought one piece again from other store. Again and again, i have bought about five umbrellas in half a year. And all of them has been destroyed by the damn storm from Atlantic.. I think umbrella is a kind of FMCG..We got this story from USA when we were in exhibition time there.


When i was traveling in England with my company team for celebrating Chinese National Day, i met an old man who is a cafe store’s owner and got a story from him about umbrella too. He told us he has an umbrella which is made in wood and fiberglass that has been with him for 65 years. Boating !! We all thought he was boating at that time but when he take the umbrella out, we will never think he is a liar again. The umbrellas looks pretty nice and real strong.


From stories above, whether the umbrella is FMCG or not will depend on umbrella manufacturer like us. And we are trying our best to stop umbrellas whatever golf umbrella or mini umbrella becoming FMCG and we hope never ignore the craftsmanship spirit.