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Japan’s umbrella (Blueprint umbrella factory made)

Time: 2016-03-18


To Japan before being told that the Japanese island of much rain, don't forget to bring an umbrella. Prepares to pack when I "will benefit its" first put a knife folding umbrella in the suitcase, lest in the foreign country become a drowned rat, cause "aia surprised" the bad image of Chinese people.


Our first stop was in Osaka. The Japanese are much less. Osaka airport feels almost at the beach. When I landed a few degrees worry about fall in the sea. Japan's land well that is well known, so their technique and of the world first-class reclaiming land from the sea.


Because of the small and exquisite, this is Japan. Live in hotel in Osaka, I haven't felt small and exquisite of dialectical relationship. China umbrella natural worthless.Lanshan and kiyomizu temple, or no rain.The evening arrived in Nagoya, eat Japanese barbecue. Appetite like are in China. CYPRESS hotel in the evening, but taste to the beauty of Japan's "small and exquisite". The feeling of this small and exquisite, embodied in the guest room toilet first.


I went to bed at night I wash up, look around the room, with the Japanese fine everywhere. Such as air conditioning, pipeline has been installed tightly close close, not a spark. With a stainless steel cup on the table. The cup to see that this is a miniature induction cooker. Water use for the guest. So small, so pure, so small and exquisite, it's really a pure Japanese style.


Starting from the yokohama rain came. Wash more streets clean. Permeate the umbrella. Stand in yokohama port looked at the sea, the rain wet pants Angle. Fellow citizens holding an umbrella walked into "chukagai". That a knife handle are folding umbrella, is very convenient. Happy to see everyone with colourful folding umbrella, a, a pop round umbrella, also a closed, quietly in the hand is also to a small things.


All shop doorway has a machine, we may call it the "Japanese umbrella packing machine". Japanese people into stores will hand wet long handle insert the simple machine, umbrella is plastic film "packaging". So the Japanese carry "packaged" long handle umbrella into the mall, after the ground without spilling a drop of rain. When you leave the store, the Japanese have consciously remove the layer of plastic film and into the recycling box, and then open an umbrella in a hurry away. Chinese tourists and portable folding umbrella, because in the hands of rain gear isn't in line with "Japanese national conditions" to "packaging", by a machine to jilt the droplets carrying wet umbrella into the store shopping.


Small and exquisite of Japan, there is only one big object, that is their national wet long handle of the umbrella in his hand.