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LED umbrella wins wearable electronics prize

Time: 2016-03-18

LED umbrella wins wearable electronics prize
Have you heard that LED umbrella wins wearable electronics prize, I read this news yesterday, it was amazing.
You must not know that the winning projects were an LED umbrella and a camera that can help children learn colors. Leslie Birch of Philadelphia developed an umbrella equipped with LED epoxies strips that change color.
It has three modes: color match, which uses a color sensor to match colors; a rainbow display; and a simulated rainfall.
Linda Kaspers from the Netherlands created ColorCam to help teach children colors. It also helps children learn the colors of various objects
When the user takes a picture of any one of Linda's felt pictures, which depict a red strawberry or a yellow sun, for example, they are given three color choices on the back of the camera. One of the choices is the matching color, and a series of green lights appear if the correct color is selected.
"While Linda and Leslie were selected as the winners, we believe every participant exhibited creativity, technical savvy and commitment throughout this Challenge, and we'd like to congratulate everyone on what they accomplished," commented Farnell's global head of community Dianne Kibbey
The two winners will receive a handmade wearable electronics project by Adafruit.
Congratulation!Such beautiful umbrella deserves this prize. Why?
It is not only can teach children learn colors, I believe what even more important is that LED umbrella can bring children and elders safety on rainy days and dark night.
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