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Material of the best windproof umbrella

Time: 2016-03-18

Umbrella as a kind of daily necessity except on rainy days we can use to, also can be used as a promotional products,gifts,decorations,umbrella has the characteristics of the practical and beautiful, suitable for many occasions, such as exhibition decoration, promotional products, corporate gifts, windproof umbrella etc.,the performance of umbrella material has more and more high request, fiberglass as a sturdy new material was choosen by many contract manufacturing company


Fiberglass is a kind of performance of inorganic non-metallic materials, used for umbrella frame made an umbrella that with performance of wind resistance which general umbrella without.There are two kinds of windproof umbrella, one kind is restorative umbrella, even the umbrella was turned over by the strong wind can recover and do not damage the umbrella, the other is firmly windproof umbrella, it much stronger than normal strong, can resist wind level 11.The umbrella shaft made with fiberglass whicn has the advantages of good insulation not rusting and corrosion resistance, fiberglass shaft it is easy to distinguish that with stripes like snakeskin obviously



Nowadays fiberglass was mainly used for outdoor umbrella, beach umbrella,golf windproof umbrella, or some high-grade umbrella, such as gift umbrella of some luxury car show, there are also using fiberglass to make some special umbrella, which with strong frame, good wind resistance,thus the umbrella made of fiberglass belong to high-grade umbrella


Now let us learn about this kind of material, at the umbrella production process, contract manufacturing company will choose different size of fiberglass to made different types of umbrellas,in generaly, the diameter of long ribs and short ribs of 23 or 25 inch stick umbrella are 3.2 mm and 4 mm respectively, 27 inch stick umbrella is 3.5 mm and 4.5mm,size of umbrella biger than 30 inch are 4.0 mm and 5.0 mm, above are size of automatic open umbrella.If it is manual open stick umbrella, short ribs with diameter as long as long ribs. Of course,contract manufacturing company can according to the actual needs of customers to increasing the diameter of ribs that improve the strength of windproof umbrella.There are some folding umbrella made of fiberglass, which frame made of two of three material such as metal or aluminum,fiberglass used as the end of the long ribs.As an umbrella shaft,specifications of fiberglass are 12mm to 16mm, 14mm is the most commonly used specifications, if you need to custom umbrellas, the data can be used as a reference



Many umbrella marked with windproof, in fact that is not really a windproof umbrella.A real windproof umbrella with full fiberglass frame, and there is a long spring above the runner that can have buffer and support role, even umbrella blown over by wind,it can restore the shape and won't be damaged.Some advanced umbrella would use double layer fabric structure to increase the drafty wind against the strong wind.


As a professional contract manufacturing company of custom umbrella, we can according to customer requirements to product kinds of windproof umbrella with different shapes and functions, and other some kinds of promotion umbrella advertisement umbrella,hope you can continue to focus on us Blueprint Umbrella Co., Limited, we will update the article here constantly, let us know more about the umbrella and industry of custom umbrella.