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New Breakthrough For Peak Season At September

Time: 2016-03-18

Blueprint, as a professional umbrella manufacturing factory, is becoming stronger and stronger. With the increasing staffs and orders, we have to face more challenges, so how to transfer the challenges into opportunities is an urgent and important mission now.
Accurate time for foreign trade is very important, so we shoud take much use of the coming peak season. We should find more customers, send more emails, make more calls, even visit more clients. We should keep the faith "No Pains No Gains" in mind and heart, for yourself and company.
So how to deal more orders and cultivate more clients in peak season.
Commonly, European customer's summer holidays center in June, July and August, so september is their working time from holidays. So we should put more emphasis on developing European Market. It is better if we can answer a call to them.
Then, we should also make the research about our products, to check which market is an urgent request. For example, umbrellas, it concludes rain and parasol umbrellas, we should know whether the country is usually raining or its sunny days is longer than raining days. and when it would be raining or fine. Because there is something similar between umbrellas and seasons or climates, so it would be affected by the seasons deeply.
Lastly, keep a positive and passionate heart, believe ourselves, make preparation for the coming peak season in off-season, and deal more order finally.
If you are willing to work with us and realize win-win, please contact us freely. Expecting to shake hands with you. Welcome you anytime.