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Newspapers turned into umbrella

Time: 2016-03-18

Recently,there is a blog arousing the interests of the Internet users.It is about to shade from the hot weather,a owner of a newspaper stall making a umbrella using his newspapers.The witness says that the umbrella is totally maded of newspaper except the holder.And the Internet users announce that is the most unique and most practical umbrella in the world for what it transfers is not only coolness but also knowledge.



The owner is reading under the protection of his special umbrella.


Without exception,i'am also attracted by this news for my job is about umbrellas.
Right now,i am a sales person in Huizhou Blueprint Umbrella Co,.Limited which is specialized in producing and selling all kinds of umbrellas(except this paper umbrella).From this blog,i know that ,one the one hand,our outdoor umbrella is very practical and we need to invest more time and money to produce outdoor umbrellas to protect more people from sunshine and rain.One the other,we have to produce new kinds of umbrellas to meet the new requirements.
Anyway,,where there is people,there is miracle.I believe people in Blueprint Umbrella can also create miracles and achieve our goal___where there is people,there is blueprint umbrellas!