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Blueprint Umbrella Co., Limited

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Treat Workers "Stupidly"
Blueprint is a warm family!All Blueprint workers's pursuit are "healthy,happiness,money, trust".we provide comfortable work environment and accommodation.Each room is equipped with computer and TV.We celebrate birthday for each workers.We have different activities every weekend.Employees have the opportunity to learn for self-improvement!
In short,Blueprint Will do best to treat workers "Stupidly"!

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Control Raw Material Quality "stupidly"
We make 100% same quality of mass production based on confirmed sample and Never do cut conners!For example,a iron stick umbrella with 35T thickness shaft and 6.3mm flute ribs,we explain well the details to our customers before making sample once they agree with the quotation.So for mass production we will order 35T thickness shaft and 6.3mm flute ribs.
Additional remarks:for iron shaft,we have 30T,35T,40T,50T etc;for steel ribs,we have 5.8mm,6.0mm,6.3mm and 7.0mm.It's sure the number bigger,the better the quality!
All Blueprint Workers will insist on Control Quality "stupidly" to make sure customer can get what they want!


Inspect quality "Stupidly"
We carry out strict inspections during the entire process from material sourcing to final test.Each QC employees are professionally trained to make sure all the products are of high quality. For example,The first step,for the fabric,we use Light detector to inspect there is any defect or not,defects include dirty spots,bad quality of coating etc;The second step,after cutting triangle panels workers will inspect every panels;The Third Step,after finishing complete umbrellas workers will inspect umbrellas one by one. Blueprint must at all costs to ensure quality!


"Stupid" after-sale service
The quality assurance is 100% Inspection by Customers, 6monthes after shipment by Standard usage.if They provide the pictures of the bad quality also the quantities and we will replace some pieces for next order.