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Our transaction process

Time: 2016-03-18

First——Received the enquiry:
1, serious bid
(1) with the factory to check the latest product price
(2) to check the latest exchange rates
(3) accounting FOB price
(4) contact with forwarder for the latest price of shipping
Various parameters in (5) the quotation must be accurate, especially the container loading quantity
(6) to confirm the mode of payment
2, do the sample
(1) arranged the factory proofing
(2) must be customer confirmation samples in order

Second——The client order:
1, do the PI
(1) the name of the company, the customer name must be on, check one by one
(2) the order number, the time that PI must be correct
(3) the name of commodity must be correct
(4) must be approved by the unit price amount
(5) the total amount and the amount in words must be correct
(6) of the company must have a correct bank information
2, do the contract
(1) the company name, customer name, looked up and date must be on, check one by one
(2) the product name, specification, unit price, total amount, weight, volume, etc. Be sure to check them one by one, make sure no mistakes
(3) other terms must do all fine

Third—— Arrange factory production:
1, an order to factory
(1) to write clearly for buy the product name, specification and quantity
(2) ask for formal quotation (factory asap)
(3) receive clients such as bank slip to arrange production
2, do the purchase order
(1) the contract must be fine, contract number, and specifications must write all that involves various products.
(2) the quantity and amount to carefully check and correct
(3) the inspection way to write detailed and clear
(4) the confirmation of payment
(5) identify the solution of the problem and the way of the claim
3, play the deposit to the factory
(1) check the factory account information
(2) check the billing information of the company's accounting play paragraph
(3) phone follow whether the money to the factory
4, tracking production process
(1) master the production process at any time
(2) confirm the size, weight of goods

Fourth——Contact forwarder to arrange the transport:
1, to price (sea or air)
(1) to find a few more freight than the price and shipping company
(2) the selected price and forwarder company
(3) determine the good method of payment (or monthly) in advance
2, express declaration documents
(1) Courier customs docs to forwarder customs declaration (customs declaration, the agent declaration a power of attorney, verification sheet, list of export goods, packing list, CI, sales contract, blank sheet)
(2) confirm the customs information

Five——The delivery of the goods transportation:
1, notify the customer for the balance
(1) notify customers goods production has been finished, pictures
(2) do the PI to the customer the balance
(3) arrange the customer inspection
2, make the balance to the factory
(1) the inspection
(2) for the balance
(3) to the VAT invoice
(4) the factory to arrange delivery to the designated warehouse
3, transport the goods to the port of destination
(1) after the goods shipped to the bill of lading
(2) to pay after the goods arrived in Hong Kong forwarder the freight
(3) the freight invoice
(4) the forwarder verification sheet and customs declaration

To sum up, general process as shown in the figure below: