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Outdoor Activities-The Rose Coast of Shenzhen

Time: 2016-03-18

Last weekend,our company sales department have gone out for outdoor activities.
On Aug 29,we have prepared some foods for bbq.There is many foods suach as fruit,vegetable,meat and so on.


In the evening we have arrived in the Rose Coast of Shenzhen,it rained at that day,but we still go there on time and start our barbecue.And we are very enjoying our bbq.Everything is full.



Atfer that,we have put up tents at the coast,and going to sleep,our colleague who have already too tried,and another colleague who have plaied card.



On Aug 30 morning,all of us want to see sunrise,but the weather don't allow us.After washed,we hae gone back to company.



This activity is very interested for our and though this activity,we have released the stress and improved our team spirit.