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Outdoor Activities-The YiQingGu Spa Hotel

Time: 2016-08-24

The time is so flash, till next month , i had been worked in Blueprint company for a whole year.The ordinary life fill with substantial work .

The scene of working at SZ still vivid in my mind. But now ,another ground of guys are siting around, cute and lovely new colleagues.

Blueprint company is a gowning company,but it is a good company. At least i felt less pressure at there , and he gave me more freedown prospect. In the whole year, i took part in a lot of activities -small and big .From this point, our treatment is not bad, even can be said it is good .we have many opportunity to play together,not just to sit in the office.


Talked about the activities, from the last time ,company fifth anniversary to this time Boluo The Springs Hotel tour , i feel happy . So this time i am going to write a short notes to remember this travel .

The life can not follow my own hear as before ,it become fickle. I hope i can find back the previous feeling, so i will continue to bring some funny and weird stories for your guys . Hahaha

Ok, come back to our subject “ the world is so big , let’s see together” . I just want to write a funny slogan at the begining , not thinking a lot . But when i arrived there , everyhing looked like this slogan, i think it is most important you like it . Hahahaha.

It is total 21 persons to go together ,among 4 new colleagues . I think they might be fall in love with this company for no sooner enter this company than can enjoy so funny activite.

We went out from Xinxu in the afternoon, Saturday.There are 4 cars , about 2 hours to arrival to the desitination. Among one car are lost , but luckly, he have GPS . Or we will waste our time to find him in the first day .

When we arrival, we find it is a hidden place . The first thing is to find our room. we live in a wooden villa arount the river, heared it is $100/ one night. (please forgive me these pictures are not show out the villa sentiment and style ) . If i had to grade to the villa, for total 10 points, i will give it 7 points . Deduct one point is the wooden material musty taste are too heavy, And one point is the TV are to slow. One point , just stand at the designer view, i think it can design better. The decoration in the room is all wooden material, the yellow lamp make people easier to relax. As a resort hotel, is indeed a very good design.

But i need to complain about the bath room,it is a transaparent glass door, if there are only one bad , it is reasonable.  It is obvious two bads ,it is un believeable . After we put down the luggage,the first activity is swing.  I swimed like a rock,a ten year landbubber ,hahaha ...but i still play happy in the water. till my two arms become weakness, I still can not learn swimming. In the dinner time , i can say ,this is the first time i drink almost two bottles . I don’t know whether i can drink or not , just think the alcohol and tobacco are not a good thing ,so i am not drink in the daily life. It is better to not touch them . But this time is really happy , so i drink a little bit ,the most important , everybody are happy.

After dinner, it is our company activity rule. First thing is self-introduction. And the second part is play game. The below picture are my cute colleagues playing game. hahaha....

After the game, the whole day are over, i take a bath after come back and go to sleep . The other vigorous guys gambled in our next room. I even not know when they come back. In my dream , only the babble of running water.

The travel plan of next day is breakfast and enjoy the hot baths in a hot spring resort. And then go back to Xinxu to have lunch. I didn’t take picture for these scene, but i loaded down some picture in the internet , to share with you.

Hereon , the quarter’s activity of Blueprint was ending .After activity,we went back our own home and turned to our mothers.keep on moving our life and work . Look forward to next opportinities to go out together . The world is so big , why not visit together?