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Pengcheng Net Chamber of English training classes

Time: 2016-03-18

2014.3.15, organized by PengCheng net chamber of commerce in the first phase of English training camp began!
English training camp is to help foreign trade salesman better to improve their English skills and foreign trade, training and practical operation combined. Training is divided into six times, each time the boss Chamber popular lecturer to share experience and impart knowledge of foreign trade.
To learn what you can expect?
1 Vision realm of foreign trade promotion,
2 English writing enhancement,
Oral Expression 3. Upgrade,
4. Reinforcing their language weaknesses,
5 Let your boss because of the ability to enhance and more attention to you.
Our second course content breakdown:
One. Correspondence courses
1. Foreign trade practitioners should have the right mentality. (Attitude is everything.)
2. Foreign trade most frequently encountered problems, how to break.
3 developers to write you a letter with customers, foreign trade expert coaching staff from the scene.
4 In a letter written a bad example, live projection guidance, learning from each other, serve to enhance their writing skills.
Two. Growth spoken spoken first weight class learning environment, many students often suffer graduated industry, the environment has no atmosphere to speak English and rusty spoken, even introverted afraid to speak for fear of disgrace and became hard to open mouth of love in the heart of dumb English.
Teaching content display:
1 each play a different western album for 15 minutes to form an interactive roundtable teaching, take the story to ask questions, the whole student to pronounce in English, foreign language learning to shape the atmosphere and make your own courage openings. (By the Chamber of Commerce boss excellent lecturer group)
2 relating to foreign trade with the Western series, every election a set play, practice listening to different actors speaking tone, strengthen their hearing.
3 When foreigners visiting their dress etiquette, table manners, and how to make coffee, a cup of coffee, how to taste wine, in order to enhance their taste.
Here we can not only improve their English skills and the ability of foreign trade foreign trade salesman, but also a number of foreign trade clerk in Meeting with friends alongside
Where is People, Where is Blueprint Umbrella.