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Pongee use in umbrella contract manufacturing company

Time: 2016-03-18

Nowadays an umbrella contract manufacturing company want to overcome competitors in umbrella industry,it would use some high quality material and unique technology in umbrella manufacturing process


The fabric is a key part of an umbrella. There are Nylon, Pongee, polyester fabric and so on, among which Pongee is the most used one for various kinds of high-grade umbrellas because of its good features of water proof and resistent of breaking,which drawn attention of umbrella contract manufacturing company extensively, It is also the most common fabric our company uses



As a kind of widely used material, the pongee fabric has another advantage. It is easy to print. No matter what kind of printing method is used, such as thermal transfer, digital printing, silk-screen or cmyk printing, the printing on pongee material turns out to be exactly the same as the original file. if you want to make your own umbrellas with custom logo, pongee will be the first choice. It is suitable for various kinds of advertising umbrella, golf umbrella or promotional umbrellas.


Nowadays more and more umbrella contract manufacturing company claim that they can make customized all kinds of umbrella the clients want.While the fact is that there are so many fake and shoddy products because of the ummature technology. It is of high significance for clients to tell the defective goods from others. Take the pongee fabric for example, the density is an indicator.The higher the density is, the better the feature of resitence of breaking is. In general, 190t pongee is already with high quality performance. Some luxury umbrella would prefer 210 t pongee.



In addition to pongee,polyester, nylon, sateen oxford are also uesed often as per clients requests. And we'd like to give professional suggestions to how to choose the right fabric for your umbrellas. Polyester is suitable for promotion umbrellas which are supposed to be cost effective. Nylon feels soft and is suitable for umbrellas of high grade. Sateen is a good friend to ladies sun umbrellas.And oxford often used in making big size and windproof beach umbrellas.


However, not only the fabric that you should pay attention on, but also umbrellas' frame, rib, functions,and other details should be focused on. We will update the column regularly to expound the knowledge of umbrella so that you can know more about it. And hope you can pay your attention to us,Blueprint Umbrella Co., Limited,the professional umbrella contract manufacturing company