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Portable Folding umbrella

Time: 2016-03-18

Umbrella is originated in China, is reportedly ruban wife cloud's invention."Confucius home language", said: "Confucius Tan, by the number of days in the road, cover and language."The "cover" here means "umbrella".Shi-ji five emperors ji "written with the similar umbrella rain gear, visible umbrella in our country has four thousand years history.First call umbrella "canopy", tang dynasty Li Yanshou wrote the history of the south and north history not formally as an umbrella name.Ancient umbrella, is dignitaries of adornment and the symbol of scholar-bureaucrat power, Kings and princes in disguise, long handle fan, "umbrella" all the people left variety right, take a car with an umbrella on yu, said the people "shade".Positions, different position, size, color of the "umbrella" is strictly distinguish, this practice has been to the Ming dynasty.Paper umbrella is appeared after the han dynasty, the tang dynasty was introduced into Japan, in the 16th century was introduced into Europe.Italian artists inspired by umbrella, leonardo Da Vinci designed the first parachute.18th century invention of bevel gear, as well as other umbrella's cross section shape design.



In 1957, Beijing normal university, the old professor Yan if elbow can be curved and inspired from the human body, thought that if can according to this principle, make a like one elbow and flexible folding umbrella, it's much more convenient to carry people, hence, to improve the current umbrella, he designed the drawings, and personally make processing technology and die design, the final agreement with Beijing at a mechanical processing plant - zhongfu factory, by the plant and sales.Folding umbrella because of its easy to carry and welcome by the masses, before long, is popular all over the country.