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Printing of umbrella in contract manufacturing

Time: 2016-03-18

Umbrella contract manufacturing companies will choose different printing ways in manufacturering process of umbrella


Umbrella as a daily necessities and gift, it has a feature with large printing area that other products without,so a custom umbrella can show the personalized side of companies or clients obviously at the custom umbrella fabric,such as many companies will choose to print their logo or slogan on the custom umbrella fabric,at the meantime some company will print their products on the umbrella that let others know the company and their product.Sometimes a few customer will require printing their painting or photography on the umbrella which look feel elegant, a Mexico famous female painter has customized a batch of umbrellas with her painting that with water change effect.



Today let us get to know about the characteristics of the custom umbrella printing


Umbrella contract manufacturing companies will selecte different pattern of printing ways according to different umbrella logo or pattern, including digital printing, heat transfer printing, silk screen.When print a colorful image such as a photo or landscape on the fabric of the umbrella, Custom umbrella manufacturer will select digital printing or heat transfer printing that determined by the amount of umbrella customization, in general, heat transfer printing suitable for mass customization of umbrellas that color reduction effect is not very well, commonly used in popular products; Digital printing suitable for a small amout of umbrellas customized that can achieve higher color reduction effect, often used in personalized market, therefore in the process of customing umbrella must know the amount of their products and markets


If the customer just need to print a logo or words on the umbrella fabric, Umbrella contract manufacturing companies will generally choose to use screen printing method to print the logo and words that suitable for one color or a few kinds of color pattern which is commonly simple.The pattern with complex colors are suitable for cmyk printing method,umbrellas with cartoon design are often use cmyk printing production, but the method also have disadvantages of administrative levels feeling is not real, stereo sense is not strong



Today, personalized demand of companies and consumers become higher and higher, companies hope to show their enterprise products and culture in a variety of ways in many activities, due to the practicality of custom umbrella, it can achieve this purpose easily, Blueprint Umbrella Co., Limited, we will update the article here constantly, let us know more about the umbrella and industry of custom umbrella