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Professional Training for Team Spirit

Time: 2016-03-18

We are from Blueprint Umbrella Co., Limited which is a leading supplier of various kinds of umbrellas, located in Huizhou of Guangdong Closed to Hong Kong. The convenient transportation had brought us more opportunities and competitive advantages in both domestic and foreign markets. We had delivered all our umbrellas to USA, Canada, Europe and South America.
The company not only specializes in producing all kinds of umbrellas, but also pays more attention to the development of the staff.
Last week, we took part in the professional training for team spirit.



Boss and staff



We are family and we have our style



The pose of the team



The enthusiasm of the team


We clap our hands for the passion we have
We clap our hands for the faith we own
We clap our hands for the confidence we show
We clap our hands because we are a team
We clap our hands because we represent Blueprint Umbrella Co., Limited
We clap our hands because we have a faith that where is people, where is blueprint umbrella.



The power of the team


We shout for our team
We shout for blueprint umbrella
We shout for our endless power



Representative gives a speech. The training is over, we share our feelings, we thank our teacher, and we express our gratitude to our boss.



In this training, we learn from others, we enhance the awareness of team. Everyone knows the importance of members. We are proud because we become the members of blueprint umbrella.
We are folding umbrellas, we know when we should sacrifice for our team and when we should stand out for our team; we are straight umbrellas,we are upright and honesty; we are kid umbrellas ,we know it is customers who bring benefits to us ,so we have to offer the best service .we are heart shape umbrellas, we are willing to show our enthusiasm to everyone. we are from blueprint umbrella ,we are your best friends .