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Raindrops and umbrella love

Time: 2016-03-18

Open the beautiful rain umbrellas,
Rain is the umbrella lover, umbrella for the innumerable hearts drop of rain, in heaven, the umbrella spending time with each drop of rain, not too long.
Every time each, there are always different around the umbrella of rain. Other raindrop remaining, traveled streets, issued affectionately call the umbrella, umbrella ran out, but the rain did not receive at home.
In the passer's head, shoulders umbrella rain cry, piercing sound issue, tears of grievances in wanton flowing umbrella body, the umbrella for the rain wiped my tears, any tears spilled on the ground, soaked with hearts infinite melancholy.
Hid in the corner of the raindrops, the body shrunk to a group, to achieve in his sleep, and this drop only walk with rain and umbrella scene, woke up only to find, the umbrella has been integrated with other raindrops, which drops rain still struggling fate of a loss.
Beautiful umbrella, the rain it?