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Samsung Corp apologized to Chinese consumers

Time: 2016-03-18

These days,CCTV constantly exposed negative news about Samsund Corp of its suddenly stopping working and its bad after-sale service.Samsung Corp made a public apology today in response to the nsgative reports.
The CCTV reported that the Samsung Corp look down upon Chinese consumers.One the one hand, they take different measures when chinese people and the foreighers encounter the same problems. One the other hand,when the consumers to repair theri phones,they have to pay for it.
At last,the Samsung Corp not only apologized to the public,but also promised that they will repair the phones for free as well as prolong the maintenance peroid for a year.
This event alarm all the manufactuers that,first,we should always put the quality in the first place,second,we should never ingore the after-sale service and sometimes it's the key factor of our long development.
Fortunately,we Blueprint Umbrella has always been paying high attention to product's quality and after-sale service and that's why we are growing bigger and bigger.