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Simple driving umbrella ,designed for our travel safety

Time: 2017-11-20

Umbrella in life bring us a lot of convenience,Protect us and our families from wind and rain . Today we want to introduce 3 kinds of driving umbrella ,they designed for driving safety .

First one , break window umbrella . It is special in this handle , was made by acylia handle in awl shape. When there is a fire in the car, the window will be broken in a second and let us get out of the car quickly.


Second one,LED umbrella . The handle is equipped with LED lighting design. Make it easier for past pedestrians to see you in the dark . Isn't it easier to find car parts on a dark rainy day?


Third one, reflective umbrella . This kind of umbrella have the reflective edge .During the rainy night, the visible effect can protect us in all directions, and also can effectively warn the passing vehicles.

The wonderful car safety umbrellas, protect our travel safety, Escort our journey!