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2017-12-27 Do you want to custom your brand umbrellas ?

Blueprint umbrella company , has own umbrellas factory , for 7 years ,only focus on umbrellas, the quality and...

2017-12-19 The Blue Umbrella

A city scene is brought to life by a rainstorm. Many objects along the street – signs, lights, awnings, mailbo...

2017-11-28 Who invented the umbrella?

Who invented the umbrella? People have different opinions. Some people say that the Egyptians used umbrella...

2017-11-25 Provide an good idea for customer who want to successful for competitive bidding

Today ,my client said has an big order form Singapore government , he said need my help to got this order form...

2017-09-29 7th Anniversary of Blueprint Umbrella

In the summer of 2017,Blueprint umbrella Ltd. ushered her 7 years old birthday .Our company hold a very sp...

2017-09-29 July employee birthday party


2017-09-29 United States Las Vegas exhibition


2017-05-27 Fiberglass frame custom logo compact travel windproof umbrella