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The End of This Year But Not Orders

Time: 2016-03-18

As everybody knows that Chinese Spring Festival is very popular and noted, so is the business. Also as everybody knows chinese are very diligent, for foreigners, it is very inspired if more orders comes anytime.
Chinese Spring Festival, as the traditional day, brings to resonance for wanderers home and abroad. All express their miss and love to their relatives and gather to have family reunion dinner, watch TV, stay up late to chat and others.
Although it is very attractive for coming Chinese Spring Festival, we know customers are everything for factory, we have to take precautions before it is too late, so we would still accept orders. Our holidays would be last half an month at the begining 13th February, it is acceptable if new orders placed before the date. To guide and simplify the process of order, please tell all details then I can quote faster and finally realize the cooperation:
1. Please tell your purchasing quantity, Logo information
2. Please advise the size, frame, handle, tops/tips or others
3. Please tell your target price after we quoted you
4. Please inform the shipping marks, packing details
5. Please show payment options confirmation
6. Please confirm the orders and pay the deposit
7. Please pay the balance within several days before we ship the cargos
8. Please wait for the cargos
Whenever you are in need, we would service for you, we believe we can obtain more if given lots. At last, for the coming 2015, expressed our sincere and warm thanks to all customers, colleagues, relatives and friends.