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The origin of reverse umbrella

Time: 2017-12-15

This is an overturned umbrella whose inventor is Jenan Kazim, a 61-year-old British inventor. Kazbrella Umbrella opens opposite to the direction of closure, it can well drain the rain accumulated in the umbrella. Kazbrella's umbrellas meanwhile avoid the awkwardness of umbrella bums on passersby's head.


Jenan Kazim, a veteran of the United Kingdom, devised a new umbrella that folded in and prevented rain from flowing to the floor, and he hoped it would completely subvert the current umbrella design.


Ordinary umbrellas make full of rain when it's folded up, but Kazbrella is completely different, collecting rainwater into umbrellas. In addition, the problem of stamping the head of an individual with an umbrella stand was also solved because the umbrella was not opened from below and it was opened from above.


Kazim said the new design means that once the user retracts the umbrella, he can keep his whole body dry for a long period of time while avoiding being injured in strong winds.


Kazim is an aviation engineer whose design inspiration is due to his mother-in-law. Because she always complained about ordinary umbrellas will make her floor wet.


His efforts were once thought to be futile effortless, but he claimed the umbrella he invented might be in the forefront. The new umbrella is in its final stages of design and can be put into production in a few months, at a cost of around £ 45 ($ 75).


Mr. Kazim said: Years ago, his wife and mother returned to the house with umbrellas in the rain. She put away the umbrella, the umbrella standing in the same as an ordinary umbrella, of course, got a floor water. "I am a professional engineer and my professionalism reminds me of the solution to the problem."


The initial idea was to subvert the traditional design, so that the umbrella in the close up more quickly. But it took him some time to think about the concrete process.


Kazbrella turned it inside when it was closed and you needed to hold it up instead of down like a normal umbrella. Kazbrella will not let you get rain on your way home(as a rain umbrella), and you will not have to bother with it to hold it over your head. It does not poke the face, and once you get in the car, you can smoothly catch the umbrella and not touch the rain. This umbrella will not be blown outwards, because the umbrella inside has long been turned outside.


Umbrellas have been around for 3,000 years, and Kazim's umbrella design represents a new upgrade in design philosophy. Although Kazbrella looks like an ordinary umbrella, it solves the problem that plagues umbrellas for thousands of years