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The Trip to Wutong Mountain

Time: 2016-03-18

The establishment of a company 's culture is not only in the office but also in the activities the company organize for its stuff.
The old saying goes,a man is known by the company he keeps. Maybe it also works that a company is known by the stuff it has.
Last week ,HuiZhou blueprint umbrella Co.,ltd organize a trip to Wutong Mountain ,its altitude is 943.7 meter,the only scenic spot
in provincial level in ShenZhen.Our main goal is to arrive the mountain top as soon as possible and make sure that nobody is left.
Finally, we do it.
We make our promises and start to go for it.



We greet the beautiful scenery and encourage each other.



We have a rest before we start the last journey .



Our insist in the journey.



We win at the mountain top .



We do it because we believe we can .
We do it because we do it together .
We do it because we are from blueprint umbrella .