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The Types of Umbrella Fabric Material

Time: 2016-03-18

There are mainly four types of umbrella fabric. They are ranked polyester, pongee, nylon and plastic by the cost.


Polyester is featured by its colorful and bright fabric. And it will have folds when rubbed and it is difficult to restore. You have a sense of resistance with rustling sound when rubbing it . If coated with a layer of silver on polyester plastic, it is exactly what we usually refer to the silver umbrella, which has a strong UV protection. But the silver is easy to detach from the fabric after a long time, especially in the folding area.


PG with high density is a new fabric. The color of PG usually is matte and dark. You have a sense of cotton cloth when touching. What is more, it has a good light resistance. Although the cost of PG is relatively high, it is still a good choice for umbrella fabric because of its anti-ultraviolet function and stability of quality.


Nylon fabric is of high rank. It is bright in color, feels like silk in your hand. And whem rubbing back and forth, there is little resistance. However, this fabric has a defact that it is easily influenced by air humidity and shrinks terribly, sometimes even affecting the normal opening and closing of the umbrella.


Transparent plastic
Transparent umbrella became popular in recent years, which is the umbrella POE or PVC plastic fabrics, some with a variety of patterns and colors.