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The umbrella character

Time: 2016-03-18


In the hot summer,with the scorehing sun shining overhead the umbrella keeps the sun off this matster.In spring and autumn when the rain keeps drizzling,the umbrella shields his master with his belly.In cold winter,between the teeth of the snow and wind ,the umbrella keeps off the severe cold.


However, as soon as he is indoors, the umbrella draws in and stands in a corner at the most unattractive place. The kitten cannot understand this and asks,"Brother Umbrella,you've done so many good deeds, but you yourself are never known to the public. What is the meaning of such a life?"


The umbrella answers, "If I roll up and hide myself when people need me and prop up to make a show of myself when I am not needed, then what is the meaning of living in this world?"