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The umbrella is a very common object

Time: 2016-03-18

The umbrella is a very common object. It keeps the rain and the sun off the people. Most umbrellas can be folded up so it is easy to carry them.



However, the umbrella has not always been as common as it is now. In the past, it was a symbol of importance. Some African countries still use umbrellas in this way . Someone carries an umbrella and walks behind the king or important person.



Umbrellas are very old. People in different parts of the world began to use umbrellas at different times. The Chinese had them more than 3,000 years ago. From there, umbrellas travelled to India and Egypt. In Greece and Rome,men wouldn't use them. They believed umbrellas were only for women.



England was probably the first country in Europe where common people used umbrellas against rain. The weather there is very rainy and umbrellas are very useful. Everybody uses umbrellas today. The next time you carry one, thinking that for centuries only great men and women used them, you'll feel you are important people, too