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Three factors that hinder an employee’s development

Time: 2016-03-18

There is an old saying in China that Sky Is The Limit Of Study.
So for the sake of our development and the growth of our company,our boss kindly invited a famous lecturer to our company to give us some instructions.And he told us three factors that obstract an employee's development.



1)No desire.This doesn't mean the desire to be an official or to be a rich kids, but means we don't believe that we can surpass ourselves and achieve our life value. For example,as a gratuate trainee,we don't believe that we can get orders and high wages every month,and we have never think about that. He told us that once we have desire,in other words,once we believe we can success in doing many things,we will try our best to realize those things.



2)Dare not to try,which means we are afraid of shouldering the consequences. So many people are of this kind of men.We always have our thoughts,but we never be brave enough to put those thoughts to practise.We are usded to thinking if we do that,we may lose our face or lose many money or offend many people, we hardly think taht if we do,it is possible that we may get whar we want.



3)Hardly learning new knowledge.Once we start working,we have many reasons of not studying.,like "i am too tired""i don't have time" "i don't need to study any more" and so on.There is always news things need us to learn to research.We need to use knowledge to arm us and in order to arm us,we can only learn and there is no short cut. It's never too old to learn.
If we want to be successful,we should have faith,we should always try and surpass and we should keep learning.
All sales person in Blueprint Umbrella thank our boss for giving us this opportunity to show our fists,
we will try our best and won't let her down!