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Time: 2016-03-18


Spring rain meng meng is not wet, only let the skin moist.A girl ran out of the door, in sight of the little male side dozen umbrella, said: "ah, it's raining?"


The boys and their umbrellas.Rather than block rain, covering the shyness of the heart.


Boys and silently move umbrella to the girl.The umbrella only covered the girl's shoulder.Boys against the rain, said: "come on."But always like to escape from under the umbrella.


Two people in the photo studio.The boy's father asked to be an official far away his job.This is a photo of separation as a souvenir.


"Two to sit here, please.Photo shop boss pointed to the bench.After the boy was standing on chairs, and girls sat side by side.In order to show their relationship, the rotary chair back hand gently touched the girl short outside existing outside the kimono.The young girl body warmth, makes the first touch to teenage boys and feel like a warm embrace.


In the future life, see this photo frame will be the girl's body temperature.


"To a good? Two people sit side by side, to the upper part of the body."The boy nodded."The first issue?"Glanced at boys and girls whispered, look up, flushed cheeks.Like a naive child, her eyes flashing the light of joy, "snapped them" into the dressing room.


Come see shop boys go, girls can not consider all her hair and ran outside.Call her mind like a just off swimming cap loose hair, but in front of the man and shy.She also did not learn to sides since more than a comb?Say your "LiLi hair boys worry about" can make the girl I'm sorry.


Young girl sincere heart, make the open, in the pure feelings, two people take for granted, next to sitting on a chair.