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Umbrella Love

Time: 2016-03-18

Yesterday, when I finished my work, it's was very late, and I found it was raining, became very cold outside. Lucky, I put an umbrella in my knapsack everyday. I think it's a good habit, aha!



"one, two, three...." I was counting the bus and hoped the next bus was the one that I was waiting for. A grandma and a grandchild came to the busstop when I was waiting the bus, their hair were wet, so I let them stood under my umbrella. I think it was uncomfortable without an umbrella on this cold day.



I knew that they got off at the different busstop from the conversation.
"Give it to them, you are so young."
-"Don't, keep it by yourself, or you will get cold!"
"Don't worry, you will be ok, they need your help!"
-"Don't, otherwise you need to spend extra money for an umbrella!"
Two voice appeared in my ear. I hesitated, gave or not?



But when I saw the old lady was as old as my mother, and the child was as young as my daughter, they reminded me of my family, then I had a decision, I gave my umbrella to the grandma and grandchild. 🙂
I hope if my mother and daughter without an umbrella on that day, someone could help them too.