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What a tiny umbrella will be in your mind ?

Time: 2017-11-23

People will say umbrella is just one of rain gears. That’s correct and waterproof is original significance of a piece of umbrella. However it’s not the only function of an umbrella.

If you get a golf umbrella, you get a wind shiled. No matter how terrible the weather is, you and your partners are definitely safe. Since golf umbrella is strong like a King Kong.


If you get a pocket size umbrella, congratulations, you get a huge convenience.

It can stayed at every narrow place. Like in your pocket, hand bags or even your cosmetic bag.

If you get a car safety umbrella, you get an extra ensurance. It can help you to get away from dangerous condition.

If you get a customized umbrella, you will get a nice gift and you can send it to your friend or your customers.

Anyway, umbrella is not simple as what you thought in the past time. It has a lot of functions you can’t imagine. umbrella have become a fashion in the daily life