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What Is Love?

Time: 2016-03-18

What Is Love?
We asked kids, "What Is Love?" You won't believe the answers we got! The precious boy at the end will melt your heart.



Love is like over a gillion stuff.
Helping someone even if you don't want to.
When your parents or your teachers don't tell you to.
Giving away stuff that you really, really like.
If they wanted a toy, I share.
Share toys.
It's smiling and saying good things about them.
I should say, "You have very nice clothes on."
I help my mommy.
I played with another person on the playground when she didn't have anybody to play with.
When people are loving to me, I feel like I should give that to someone else.
Because Jesus did the same for us.
It's like do unto others as you would have them do to you.
That you should treat the other one just like I've been treated before.
Not like bad, but the times I've been good treated.
Nobody really wants to play with somebody who is being mean.
Being kind is helping those in need.
Give them some food.
Give fish, and bread, and green beans, and peas, and apples.
I'll ask my mom or dad, "Can we go get food for this hungry person that I found?"
Love is hugging your mom and helping her wash the dishes.
I just get the water thing and just spray them.
People show me love by holding my hand and they also give me a kiss right on the head when I'm asleep very lightly.
There's people that don't get love in other places of the world.
You help them.
Just help people.
If we show people love, they can spread it all around the world.
Okay, come here, Mommy. I'll show her something.
I'll show you something. Come here, Mommy. Come close.