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what is sun umbrella?

Time: 2016-03-18

Parasol umbrella can block UV around 70, but unable to isolate reflective UV light. If umbrella without uv coating, that means normal umbrella, the uv anti funtion of color: black color>pink> yellow> red, black color have better uv effect, but red color nearly not have uv anti function.
Parasol by size, there are two:


1. Large parasol umbrella, also called patio umbrella/beach umbrella/outdoor umbrella, that means non-hand parasol umbrella, mainly for stationary use in the ground. Good quality big size parasol, both have uv anti, windproof, waterproof fuctions, when we choose umbrella fabric, the best choice is fabric with silver coated. Because uv silver layer not only can reflects major ultraviolet rays, but also have waterproof fuction. Then, choose a more dense twill, plain tabby fabric.


Large parasol umbrella's wind resistance mainly decided by umbrella base/stand, umbrella pole, umbrella ribs. Umbrella stands usually have metal material, cement material, marble material and HBPE material. Umbrella pole/frame usually have five kinds: wooden, steel, aluminum, stainless steel and new composite materials.


2. Small sun umbrella, that is we using in daily life. It is hand use, can be straight umbrella and folding umbrella. When we select UV anti umbrella, we mainly depend on the fabric. Based on the reseach from Blueprint Umbrella Factory, we can shows that the more thicker the better UV resistance. In general, bad UV protection effect from Cotton, Nylon, Silk, etc fabric, but Polyester have good UV anti fuction. In addition, anti-UV effect is based on color, the darker the better. The best fabric is Satin, followed by twill, plain tabby fabric.


Huizhou Blueprint Umbrella factory remind customers, only when UPF>30 and transmittance Of UVA < 5%, the fabric can be called UV-Anti products, the protection class identified as UPF30+; and when UPF>50, it shows the product have excellent UV-anti performance, the protection class identified as UPF50+.